So Many Things…..

I am one of those people who never stops thinking.  I go to sleep and even dream my thoughts.  It is mind numbing at times and also frustrating because they ARE great ideas…..but, I never seem to be able get them rolling into something tangible.  **sigh**. This... read more

Useful Phrases……

  I often have problems coming up with responses to my children when they are showing me a work they have done, or perhaps I need to re-direct them but am short on kind, but firm words.  This is a great start to get those phrases in your head so that they are... read more

Focusing on the Eyes

About 2 years ago, my son was given an eye exam along with other evaluations for learning disabilities.  The exam resulted in him being diagnosed as “near sighted” and a prescription for corrective lenses was given.  He started out wearing his glasses and... read more

The “Meh” List

David Ayer from The Montessori Observer wrote a post regarding the New York Times Magazine “Meh” list. I don’t know about anyone else, but it is getting a little disheartening that I come across negative comments/definitions of Montessori on an almost daily basis.  I... read more

Forming Foundations

    This video is an excellent brief overview of a Montessori approach to education.  It is my firm belief that education is a life long journey and that without the proper foundation we can never achieve our individual full potential that we were created... read more

Figuring It Out

One thing I promised myself when I started this site was that I was going to stay “real” about things.  I love going to other people’s sites and cruising through what seems to be a perfect life to me…..but then, I am left with a feeling of... read more